Folk wisdom says that someone else’s soul is a dark. It turns out that it is impossible to understand what is actually behind the actions and behavior of another? Yes and no. Here are a few tips that will help to figure it out.

We dream of finding out what’s in the head of a partner or friend. Is it possible? Can we understand what kind of person next to us? Pay attention to several characteristics of behavior that can reveal the secret of the personality of a loved one.

1. If a person is always ready to discuss one of the acquaintances, and not in the most rainbow man, believe me, he gossips evilly and about you behind you.

2. If a potential partner says that he is not interested in a relationship, it is worth it to be warned with all seriousness. So he makes it clear that he is not ready for something more, at least with you.

3. If the interlocutor is more concerned about what to write in autobiography, than what they will tell about him in the necrologist, he is more important for him how the people around him perceive him than how they feel next to him here and now.

4. If a person rejects criticism on the move, without even trying to understand if the claims have the basis, we can firmly say: they are.

5. If the interlocutor “jokingly” releases passively aggressive comments and it seems to you that if not for a smile, his words would sound insulting, he really wanted to hurt you.

6. If he tries to be good, only when it is convenient and profitable for him, then he only cares about getting what he needs as soon as possible.

7. If the interlocutor in passing apologizes for what he did a long time ago, he is most likely insincere in repentance, because such an act does not bring anything except the formal “purification of conscience”.

8. If a partner in the heat of anger threatens to get away from you, but, having calmed down, promises to stay, he just wanted to hurt you, it was not part of his plans.

9. If a person in a calm state says that he would like to leave, most likely, he really intends to do it and tries to prepare you.

10. If a friend knows how to sincerely rejoice at the successes of others, then he is confident in himself and his decisions.

eleven. If for no reason it sharply condemns others or is aggressive towards them, these people have something that your friend is terribly wants to receive, but cannot (or thinks that he cannot).

12. Pay attention to how a person relates to himself when something does not work out-at such moments his true essence is manifested.

13. Pay attention to how he relates to others when he succeeds. This also says a lot.

14. Carefully observe how the interlocutor relates to strangers, especially those who cannot be useful to him – so you can understand whether he respects other people in principle.

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